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Located in the Selwana village, we are so fortunate to share the Gospel of Jesus with the people of Phalaborwa. We cannot wait to welcome you, your friends and family home this Sunday!

Timothy and Maite Malatji

Pastor Timothy Malatji and his wife Maite is the Campus leaders of the campuses in Selwane, Prisca and Majozi. Pastor Tim is 49 years of age and his wife, Maite, is 35 years of age. Pastor Tim has been in full time ministry for 21 years and he began his journey as a Friend of God campus leader in 2016. Pastor Timothy is based at the Selwane Campus, and from there he oversees the plants in Prisca and Majozi. Selwane is a rural area in Phalaborwa. This is a multi-cultural church consisting of members from Venda, North-West Province, Mphumalanga, Phalaborwa. Every Wednesday, they have a midweek service from 18:00-20:00. Every Thursday they have their women’s fellowship. On a Friday, they have their youth gathering and on Saturdays the band practices for the main service which is on a Sunday. Pastor Timothy is also the chairperson of the fraternal in their community and he is the chairperson of the communal property association.

Phalaborwa Campus

Join us for Sunday Morning Service

PHALABORWA, is a town in Limpopo Province, South Africa. The name ‘Ba-Phalaborwa’ was given by the Sotho tribes who moved there.

Borders:  Kruger National Park

Population:  13,108