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Excited about what God is doing in the DRC, we are expectant to see a nation rise up for Jesus.

Pastor Jean Baptiste

Pastor Jean Baptiste is the pastor of the Friend of God church in Kinshasa. His full name is Kapuku Nkulu Jean Baptiste and he is 51 years of age. He has been in fulltime ministry for the past 27 years and he started his journey as a Friend of God campus leader in November 2019. His wife’s name is Patricia Masengu and together they are the legal guardians of two girls and a boy. Without charging a fee, they are involved in practical ministry through the means of providing people with IT and computer literacy skills, sowing skills for making clothes in the textile industry, and normal literacy skills so that people can read and write. Furthermore, they are involved in training of primary and secondary finalists for the state exams. They use these avenues as opportunities to demonstrate and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have a main campus and a local campus as well as two other satellite campuses where they conduct weekly services. These services are not all on a Sunday.

Kinshasa Campus

Sunday Morning Service at 07:00 and at 10:00

DRC:  Or Democratic Republic of Congo is a country in located in central Africa. its former name of Zaire which was its official name between 1971 and 1997

Population:  85.3 million (July 2018 est.) it is the 16th most populated country in the world)

Capital:  Kinshasa

Official Language: French (Other recognised languages: Lingala, Kikhongo, Swahili, Tshiluba.