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COVID-19 Response

We want you to know that we miss meeting under one roof, but we constantly remind ourselves of the following truth. We may not be able to gather under one roof – but we will continue to gather under One Name – the name of Jesus Christ.

South Africa is currently under lockdown and as a church, we will be adhering to lockdown regulations set out by our President while continuing to fuel all aspects of our church life.

As much as we want to encourage you all to take great care and be responsible for your well-being; what is crucial is that we, as Friend of God, stay connected so that we can continue being a Friend of God to each other as well as to our community, the nation and to that which we are globally committed to.

Throughout this period we all have a responsibility to #KeepHopeAlive and this is what you can do (individually) or with your family.


With the current situation we are facing regarding COVID-19, we want to ask you to help us with the following three things.


Help us by praying for our church, for all businesses, families and the stop of the Corona Spread throughout South Africa.


We want to ask you to help us spread the good news on social media. Please stay engaged on our social media platforms and share our posts with your family and friends.


We want to encourage you to stay faithful in your giving during this time. Financial contributions can be made online.

Open up

You can enjoy #ChurchAtHome by opening up four things.

  • Facebook

    You can open up Facebook and enjoy our online experience.

  • Youtube

    You can open up YouTube and enjoy our online experience.

  • App

    You can open up our Friend of God App and listen to our online experience via an audio file.

  • WhatsApp

    You can open up WhatsApp and request the videos from your campus administration teams.


We want to encourage you to enjoy #ChurchAtHome. Whether you are alone or with family ENJOY EVERY MOMENT!

We would like to ask you to please send us a photo/selfie of your #ChurchAtHome experience.
If you would like to post your photos on social media.

Please use the following #FriendOfGod #ChurchAtHome #KeepHopeAlive